Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is the best satellite meter for installation?

The way to determine what satellite meter is best when installing is based on how many installs you are doing. The higher end satellite meters will get the job quicker and easier. Here are some satellite meters we will base on the number of installations that you are doing and also according to price range. All these meters can be found on both for our USA customers and for our Canadian customers

One time installtion:
Here is 2 meters that we suggest if you are just doing 1 installtion.
1) The Analog Satellite Meter will help with a basic installtion. It is small and compact, just like its price. This meter is only $12.99.


2) The Acutrac 22 Pro Meter with accessories will give you more bang for the buck as it has many features that the analog finder does not have. The LCD display is much easier to read. Can also switch the 22KHz on and off and includes some nice accessories. Even when doing one installtion, it will get the job done quicker as it is more accurate. If you find that after you complete the installation with this meter and want to make some money doing installtion, it is still a great meter for installers who need just a basic meter is LCD display. This meter is a good buy at $119.99


For the installer who is looking for a more high end satellite meter, here are some of the top rated satellite meters. All though the Birdog Ultra satellite meter was the top choice of installers for years, we will mention others that are now available.


First Strike Meters are made for the professional but are easy for the Novice to understand and use. No more searching through complicated menus to find the setting you need to change. All parameters show on one screen making it easy for the user to modify any setting. The FS1 quickly and easily finds even weak signals. Unlike the competitors meters, you can do a sweep of the dish to find the signal. The FS1 meter has a Global Data Bank that holds all the satellites in a separate data bank.

The meter also has a User Defined Data Bank that stores 100 satellites. The user can define new entries from the keypad. Re-calibration is never necessary due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.The included rechargeable Li-on battery lasts approximately 3.5 hours on a full charge. If the battery runs low during use, you can loop the satellite receiver through the meter and power the meter from the satellite receiver power supply
Features of the First Strike Satellite Meter:
Preset Global Satellite Data Bank
User Defined Satellite Data Bank
Wide, Clear, Easy to Read LCD
All Parameters show on one screen
Easy to Learn, Easy Operation
Keypad Editing
Switchable Back Light
Internal Power Supply
Can be powered from the satellite receiver
Universal Charger, 120vac 60Hz / 220vac 50 Hz
12vdc Car Charger
True USB interface
Replaceable "F-81" connectors
Ruff Neck protective jacket

Maxpeak Sam Satellite Meter ($419.99)

Maxpeak SAM is a battery powered hand held satellite alignment meter. It powers the LNB and is preprogrammed from the web via built in USB. Unique touch wheel to access all functions. All difficult tasks like programming and difficult menu or operation is eliminated. Extremely fast and accurate with high sensetivity. Developed for DTH & the VSAT market. Low symbol rate e.g. 2000.
Features of the Maxpeak Sam Satellite meter:
High sensitivity -75dBm
C, Ku, Ka or L band
Replacable F-connector
75 Ohm imp 30 to 100 dBuV
RF level as dBm or dBuV.
True MER or SNR displayed in dB
Pre and Post BER in numerical value
Quality displayed in % (reverse BER)
RF, BER,MER displayed together
Backlite graphics display 128x64 dots
32 bit processor
Integrated rechargable NiMH battery
Charged from wall adaptor or car
Meter operates whilst charging
Up to 70 sats
Upgrade of settings via USB 2.0
Upgrade of firmware via USB 2.0
Language option via USB 2.0
Built in audible sounder
DiSEqC switch commands and 22 K tone
Run time in excess of 4 hours
200x75x56 mm, 800 grams

Our next blog tommorow will continue with a look at satellite meters and focus of the popular "Sat Buddy"models

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Monday, January 18, 2010

I link 900

If you are looking for the latest best fta receiver, the I link 9000 now in stock.

Canadian customers click below to see the receiver and all the packages available.

USA customers click here:

When selecting a fta receiver package, you have the option of going with a stationary dish or motorized dish. Here is how to decide what is best for you.

Stationary Systems
If you would like to point at just one satellite, you would need 1 LNB (remember, 1 LNB per satellite). If you want to point at more than 1 satellite and they are WITHIN 35 degrees of each other (97.0, 101.0, 123.0 for example), then you can use a multi LNB holder to hold each LNB together onto the satellite arm.

Motorized Systems
If you would like to view as many satellites as possible, then a motorized free-to-air satellite system works best because the dish is going to move from east to west and point to any satellite you choose. The motor is a piece of hardware that connects on the back of the satellite dish. No external power is needed for the motor as the satellite cable will power the motor. This is the best way to get maximum satellites and channels.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Trimax 2500 Satellite Finder

Trimax SM2500 now in stock!

Many installers are loving the new Trimax SM-2500 with its built in spectrum analyzer. The spectrum analyzer will check the quality of the channel you want to bring in right on the meter itself.
To see more info and tech specs on this amazing satellite meter, click on this link.

We are an authorized dealer for Trimax, and that gives you the confidence to have your meter protected with the warranty provided by the manufacture. Once you purchase this amazing satellite meter, don't forget to register your product. We can show you where to do that as well :)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nfusion Nuvenio HD and Viewsat Max HD FTA Receivers

The Nfusion HD and Viewsat Max HD are released and available!

The Nfusion HD model comes with a free 6ft HDMI cable and the Viewsat Max HD receiver comes with a free 1G usb stick

Viewsat Max HD is only $329, a fantastic price for a FTA HD receiver. These units are very popular and do replace the Viewsat 9000. The Viewsat Max can use an external hard drive for recording capabilities. Now is the time to get on board with a HD FTA receiver!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sonicview Sale Pricing Extended

The Summer of Savings continues for the best fta receivers available at GOsatellite

Sonicview 360 Elite and the Sonicview 360 Premier and Soncview 8000 HD have new sales prices until the end of August. Also, free shipping on any fta receiver! :)

If you are looking for a Sonicview 4000, they are now discontinued. A perfect replacement is the Sonicview 360 Premier as the price is actually less than what the Sonicview 4000 was and you do have the ability to record when using an external hard drive.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Canadian Satellite Internet

Canadian Satellite Internet is now available from Gosatellite through Hughesnet.

We now provide high speed broadband internet via satellite to you no matter where you live. Even in rural areas where there is no DSL or Cable. To see package plans available for you, click on this link.

Mobile Satellite Internet is now available from Gosatellite through iNetvu
If you need a mobile internet service that is reliable for residential or commercial use, please click on this link to find out more about iNetvu mobile satelllite internet benefits.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Amazing Sonicview Summertime Savings!

Gosatellite is offering the following real time discounts when you purchase the follow Sonicview fta receivers:

The following sale ends on July 31'st, 2008. Be sure to take advantage of this TODAY :)

$30 off of the Best FTA HD receiver. Enter in coupon code 8000HD

$20 off the leading standard definition dual tuner pvr. Enter in coupon code 360E

Sonicview 360 PREMIER
$15 off of a all ready low priced USB single tuner pvr receiver. Enter in coupon code 360P

You can also place your order over the phone by calling our toll free number, 1-866-942-7186.

If you have any questions, on free to air receiver, satellite dishes, satellite internet or anything satellite related, you can contact us and use our live chat feature by using the following link.

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